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ERS Quality

Quality Policy

ERS team follows strict measures and procedures of translation quality management with a revision process administered directly by the Chief Translator.

Quality in translation is primarily concerned with:

  • Provider Certification (corporate – government – academic)

    ERS Chief Translator is a graduate from Ain Shams University, Cairo and Edinburgh University UK, faculty member, Al-Alsun (Modern Languages), Ain Shams University, and holds two postdoctoral fellowships from Yale University and University of California, Irvine (Senior Fulbright Scholar).

  • Process Standard (quality management system)

    ERS Translation Service (systems & processes) is in conformity with BS EN 15038 (European Union Quality Standards for Translation Service Providers). ERS also complies with ASTM F 2575 – 06 (US Standard Guide for Quality Assurance in Translation).

  • Product Standard (statistical assessment of the number of errors per text)

    ERS translated text is carefully written, revised and reviewed within a strict quality process that aims at producing an error-free text.

  • The key tool that enables translation service providers to offer their valued clients an error-free text is the quality management process.

  • Such quality translation process is based on solid steps:

    1. 1 - Translation with competent knowledge of terminology, grammar, lexis, style, locale, formatting, and purpose of the translation;
    2. 2 - Checking; every translator shall check his/her own work and
    3. 3 - Revision; the Chief Translator shall ensure that the translation is revised.
    4. 4 - Upon the request of the client, ERS, as a premier translation service provider, shall ensure that the translation is also reviewed. The reviewer, who is a domain specialist in the target language, shall carry out a monolingual review to assess the suitability of the translation for the agreed purpose.
    5. 5 - Quality translation service also includes proofreading, upon the request of the client, especially if the target text is prepared as a camera-ready version that is ready to go to press or to be uploaded online as an e-book.

ERS is Quality Prizewinner:

  • International Certificate of Excellence in Investment and Innovation - ICEII (Europe Business.Assembly, Oxford, 2015)
  • Best Enterprise (Europe Business Assembly, Oxford 2014)
  • Best Enterprise (Europe Business Assembly, Oxford 2013)
  • Best Enterprise (Europe Business Assembly, Oxford 2011)
  • European Award for Best Practices (European Society for Quality Research, Brussels, 2011)
  • Business Excellence Award: The Bizz Europe 2010 (World Confederation of Businesses, Frankfurt, 2010)
  • Global Award for Perfection, Quality & Ideal Performance (Quality Summit, Berlin 2010)
  • The Diamond Eye Award for Quality Community and Excellence (Quality Summit, Rome 2009)
  • The Majestic Five Continents Award for Quality and Excellence (Quality Summit, Geneva 2008)
  • Platinum Technology Award for Quality & Best Trade Name (Executive Leaders Summit, Rome 2008)
  • The Gold Certificate for Global Quality (CMM Centre de Marketing et de Management S.A.: Programme for Global Quality Promotion, Geneva 2006)
  • Century International Quality Era Award in the Gold Category (International Quality Convention, Geneva 2005)

ERS complies with translation industry leading international quality standards:


  • ERS translation service is in conformity with BS EN 15038 (European Union Norm - Quality Standards for Translation Service Providers)
  • ERS complies with the American ASTM F2575 (United States Norm - Quality Assurance in Translation)
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