Since its inception in 2003, ERS has been keen on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). At that time, the term CSR was not even in use, and ERS team adopted the term, Community Participation to describe the voluntary activities that were developed to serve the community of Egyptian Returning Scholars.

As an Egyptian Returning Scholar who received my education in English Language at Ain Shams University (BA, MA, PhD), Cairo and in English Literature, Edinburgh University (MSc), Scotland UK with two postdoctoral fellowships in American studies, Yale University as well as English and Comparative Literature, University of California, Irvine, I felt directly affiliated to a community of scholars. In 2003 I set out ERS Consulting Firm as a beacon of guidance and support to Egyptian Returning Scholars. But then, I had the challenge of setting an example, as an Egyptian Returning Scholar, that the education I received is not merely research on shelf; the education I received with all the knowledge, skills and expertise I managed to gain throughout long years of study and teaching at university can be offered as a valuable service on a highly competitive market and can be of use to the industry, the business community and civil society.

Through ERS Consulting Firm I offered the service of translation as well as text editing and proofreading to leading donor agencies, multinationals, and, perhaps more importantly, to MSMEs in Egypt and around the world. Through the past five years my team and I managed to establish ERS name as a premier translation service provider that adopts the highest quality and evaluation standards perhaps in the whole region. Our experience sets the example for Egyptian returning scholars to produce useful research to serve the community in which they live and to generate profit through producing a product or offering a service that can have market value with the highest quality standards.

This is indeed the core of ERS CSR initiative: to guide and support the Egyptian returning scholar to be a highly competitive major player to serve the industry, the business community and civil society in his/her homeland. Our purpose is to help Egyptian scholars to keep returning to Egypt with new thought, new ideas and new technologies and to empower them activate such skills and expertise in Egypt. With the success of our projects, ERS team launched Egyptian Returning Scholars Association – ERS NGO in June 2005. Both ERS Consult and ERS NGO work hand in hand towards crystallizing ERS vision of fully empowered Egyptian returning scholars and ERS mission of offering a highly competitive product / service in the business world. ERS plan aims to:

  • maintain, build and leverage our major strength as premier specialists in our fields;
  • prioritize and optimize our business opportunities, competitive edge and market access;
  • remedy all the setbacks and reverse all the threats encountered by Egyptian returning scholars and unite them towards achieving one end, and that is delivering quality input to serve the industry, the business community and civil society in our homeland – Egypt.

Within that context ERS CSR initiative focuses on managing our business processes - as premier language service providers who set the example for Egyptian returning scholars - to produce an overall positive impact on society.

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