About Us


ERS is a premier translation service provider to leading funding agencies, multinationals and MSMEs in Egypt and worldwide with the highest quality standards perhaps in the whole region.

Our People

ERS team comprises top quality Arabic-English-Arabic translators with excellent academic merit and the highest professional evaluation standards. ERS lead translators have Master’s Degrees in Translation Studies / Modern Languages with minimum three years of international experience. The team also includes authoritative domain experts, ICT specialists as well as administrative, legal and financial experts.

ERS Managing Director

Dr. Amal A. El-Hadary, ERS Chief Translator, has more than 20-year experience in translation with an immaculate track record with leading institutions worldwide. She has university degrees (BA, MA, MSc, PhD) from Ain Shams University, Cairo and Edinburgh University, Scotland, UK. (Chevening Alumni). As a Fulbright Alumni she was appointed as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in two of the leading universities of the US: University of California, Irvine (Research Associate) and Yale University (Research Affiliate). She is the first TSP (Translation Service Provider) to join AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce in Cairo) as a General Member. She is a Faculty Member, Al-Alsun (Modern Languages), Ain Shams University.

Dr. El-Hadary leads a team of top quality translators towards an achievement of excellence and quality input which conforms with top quality standards for translation service providers.

ERS: Premier Translation Service Provider (TSP)

ERS team comprises top quality Arabic – English – Arabic translators with excellent academic merit and the highest professional evaluation standards

ERS is a Premier Translation Service Provider to:

The World Bank since 2004
The British Foreign Office since 2005
The United Nations since 2006
The European Union since 2006
King Abdel Aziz University, KSA since 2007
USAID since 2007

ERS is the sole Translation Service Provider to:

US Global Arabic Translation since 2007
Los Angeles - California - USA

ERS is a General Member (Premier Translation Provider) at Cairo American Chamber of Commerce

ERS: Quality Organization

ERS is Quality Prizewinner:

  • International Certificate of Excellence in Investment and Innovation - ICEII (Europe Business.Assembly, Oxford, 2015)
  • Best Enterprise (Europe Business Assembly, Oxford 2014)
  • Best Enterprise (Europe Business Assembly, Oxford 2013)
  • Best Enterprise (Europe Business Assembly, Oxford 2011)
  • European Award for Best Practices (European Society for Quality Research, Brussels, 2011)
  • Business Excellence Award: The Bizz Europe 2010 (World Confederation of Businesses, Frankfurt, 2010)
  • Global Award for Perfection, Quality & Ideal Performance (Quality Summit, Berlin 2010)
  • The Diamond Eye Award for Quality Community and Excellence (Quality Summit, Rome 2009)
  • The Majestic Five Continents Award for Quality and Excellence (Quality Summit, Geneva 2008)
  • Platinum Technology Award for Quality & Best Trade Name (Executive Leaders Summit, Rome 2008)
  • The Gold Certificate for Global Quality (CMM Centre de Marketing et de Management S.A.: Programme for Global Quality Promotion, Geneva 2006)
  • Century International Quality Era Award in the Gold Category (International Quality Convention, Geneva 2005)

ERS complies with translation industry leading international quality standards:


  • ERS translation service is in conformity with BS EN 15038 (European Union Norm - Quality Standards for Translation Service Providers)
  • ERS complies with the American ASTM F2575 (United States Norm - Quality Assurance in Translation)

Cairo American Chamber of Commerce

AmCham Members

ERS has been a member at AmCham since 2004 through Dr. El-Hadary’s affiliation with Fulbright Commission.? In February 2008 ERS was given the most prestigious membership category, General Member, at AmCham.

Fulbright Membership 2007
ERS NGO Membership 2007
ERS Consult Membership 2008
ERS Membership 2015

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

We have had a solid reputation in producing a camera-ready version in target language of client’s source text which can be uploaded online as an e-book or ready to go to press as a hardcopy, offered at an extra fee based on client’s needs.  ERS IT team can prepare the same source graphs, diagrams, image files and text layout in target text with state of the art camera-ready artwork and desktop publishing tools.

ERS is keen on protecting client’s confidential information:

  • We never disclose our customer’s sales or operational information which come to our knowledge through our translation services.
  • We employ utmost care and caution in dealing with source and target texts with strict confidentiality.
  • A confidentiality agreement is signed upon client’s request.